Why Is My Dlink Router Not Working?

dlink router not working

So you have just purchased a D-link WiFi router and having a hard time getting it to work? You are in luck today because in this article we are going to help you find out what is wrong with your D-link WiFi router. We are going to discuss the causes of problems and troubleshooting steps for Dlink router not working.

You need to complete the DLink Wireless Router Setup before doing anything else. It is necessary to own a good WiFi router for your home or office work. Buying a new router lets you connect more number of devices and increase the WiFi network range at the same time. D-link is a brand which makes excellent WiFi routers and other networking solutions. In case if you are planning to purchase a new WiFi router, you can click here to know top 10 best dlink routers. 

With that entirely out of the way, let’s proceed to the main article. We are going to talk about various issues that cause the D-link WiFi router not to work now.

The first reason why your D-link WiFi router might not be working is because it doesn’t have an internet connection. So, before worrying about why your D-link WiFi router is not working, you should check if an active internet connection is available to your WiFi router.

The second most common reason why your WiFi router might not be working might be because of network coverage. If you are living in a big house or working in a big office, there are good chances that the devices that are connected to your WiFi network are too far from the WiFi router. Use an application to check the WiFi strength at various points and keep the devices at only those places where the WiFi coverage is adequate. To increase the range of the WiFi network, you should place the WiFi router at the optimum position and keep devices close. If you invest in a costly router coming from a good company like D-link, it will offer a better range.

The third reason why your D-link router might not be working is that it is not getting enough power. If your WiFi router is not getting the minimum amount of watts, it will not work correctly. Always use the original D-link WiFi router’s power adapter.

The fourth reason why your WiFi network might not be working might be because of a crowded network. This can mean two things. Either the number of devices that are connected to your network is too much, or the WiFi networks available at a particular frequency (say 2.4GHz) are too many.

A fifth pretty common reason why your D-link WiFi router might be misbehaving might be because of the outdated firmware. If you have not set your D-link WiFi router to auto-update, then you should check for updates regularly. Doing so ensures that you keep getting regular bug fixes, security patches and other critical improvements that matter.

The sixth and the last reason on this list is going to be about the device through which you are accessing the internet. If your device has some issues with the network, you won’t be able to access the internet through it. Troubleshooting your mobile appliance is a topic for other articles, but you should connect other devices and try to test internet connection from the other network. If the other device connects to the internet, then it would mean that something is wrong with the instrument through which you are trying to access the internet and not the D-link WiFi router itself.

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