How To Troubleshoot A Dlink WiFi Router That Is Not Working?

Troubleshoot Dlink router not working

WiFi routers are devices that are used to create a network through which the connected devices can access the network or share files. But what should you as an owner of the WiFi network who doesn’t know much about the IT staff do to troubleshoot a WiFi router that is giving you trouble?

D-link is a company which makes some of the best networking peripherals money can buy. It is one of the oldest manufacturers and probably the pioneers of the industry. The devices by D-link are known to be extremely reliable and sturdy. You will hardly face issues if you have decided to go with the D-link brand for your networking peripherals.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most common things that you can do to troubleshoot your D-link WiFi router that is not working. We are going to list some reasons which are not apparent to most of the people. This list contains only those things that are slightly tricky to do yourselves.

This list does not have simple and obvious solutions like turn on and off your D-link WiFi router. Everyone knows about that, and there is no need to make a dedicated point to talk about it. So, keep reading to find out what you should be doing in case your WiFi router is not working.

Reset your D-link WiFi router

First things first, performing a factory data reset of your D-link WiFi router is the most straightforward and most significant step to solve your problems. Let us not see how to reset dlink wifi router.

To reset your D-link WiFi router, grab a pin or a paper clip and locate a small hole present on the bottom side of your WiFi router. Once found, insert the needle or the paper clip into that hole and wait for around 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, all the data from your WiFi router would have been reset, including the network SSIDs and passwords. If you have created any guest account networks, even they would have been reset.

Be careful before performing this action and make sure you know what you are doing before proceeding to do this. If you are not the owner of the WiFi router, get proper written permission to perform a reset before you do it yourself. Make sure you know how to setup dlink router after reset if you plan to reset it by yourself.

Disconnect the devices

If your problems are not solved even after resetting the D-link WiFi router, then try to disconnect all the device and connect them one by one. Connect the first device and see if your internet or network is stable or not. If you are getting good internet connectivity and speed with just one or two devices connected, then that means there is too much congestion in the network.

To connect more devices to the same WiFi network, you should either own a costly WiFi router or buy a WiFi repeater. Getting a WiFi repeater is an inexpensive way to boost the signal strength in a particular area. Still, it does not increase the maximum connected device limit of the WiFi router.

Check for power-related issues

If you have connected your D-link WiFi router to a power adapter that is not able to deliver enough juice to the D-link WiFi router, then the WiFi network will not work as expected. You will experience frequent network issues and connectivity issues. If the power output of the power adapter falls below a threshold value, then the WiFi router will go completely offline.

Get support from customer care

If trying these things doesn’t solve the problems for you, you should try speaking to the customer service people. People from D-link are extremely friendly and capable. They can solve all sorts of issues rapidly. The customer support is available from their website. You can chat with the D-link team, write an email or call on their phone number.

In this article we listed out some of the methods that you can try out yourselves to solve issues with your D-link WiFi routers. It is highly likely that your D-link WiFi would start working if you followed the steps carefully.

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