Why Does My Dlink Wifi Router Keep Disconnecting From The Internet?

dlink wifi router

Quite a lot of people complain about their Dlink wifi routers getting disconnecting from the internet again and again. It becomes really troublesome to find the exact cause due to which this might be happening and people spend hours figuring out how to get this issue solved. So here is an article for you that describes the reasons why your D-link WiFi router might be getting disconnected from the internet again and again.

  • Before blaming the WiFi router for internet issues, it is always a good idea to first check if there is something wrong with the device through which you are trying to access the internet. Make sure the website that you are trying to visit is not blocked by a firewall. A lot of times, websites are blocked by the administrator of the organisation. They can not be accessed without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you are trying to set up your WiFi router and willing to set up a firewall too you can click on Dlink wireless router setup for more information.
  • Another common reason why you might be getting disconnected from the internet is that you might not be in the range of the WiFi router. This may sound stupid but a lot of people actually fall for this. Check the WiFi signal strength and avoid accessing it from areas where the signal strength is poor.
  • While this is fairly uncommon, there may be something wrong with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the issues are from the end of the ISP, then you will have to contact them and let them know about the problems that you are facing.
  • If your D-link router is running on an outdated firmware then you may face this issue of getting disconnected from the internet. Check if any update is available and update your firmware to the latest version whenever a new update becomes available. It is always a good idea to keep your firmware up to date. You can visit our homepage Dlink wireless router setup for more information.
  • If you are using your D-link WiFi router for a long time, there are good chances that your wires might have worn out. The material used to make the cables that connect your WiFi router get damaged over time if subjected to physical stress or strain.
  • Try performing a factory data reset of your D-link WiFi router and see if it helps. Due to some bugs that may creep in the system, it is possible that you may start facing issues with the device. If you reset your router, you will get back the default settings back. Once you reset your router sucessfully now perform the setup process. You can click on How do I set up my D-link router after reset? for more information.

There are a lot more reasons why this might be happening which we have not discussed in this tutorial. If you want to get more information regarding the setup of D-link routers, visit our homepage for more information.

Instead of spending a long time figuring out the exact issue by yourself, it is a better idea to contact the customer service of D-link WiFi router for a speedy resolution of your problem. If they fail to get your issues solved, the company will send a technician to check what’s wrong.

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